[ACTIon-Maillist] European Digital Skills Awards 2023

selin.tagmat at all-digital.org selin.tagmat at all-digital.org
Mon Mar 6 11:26:39 UTC 2023

Dear all,

I also want to share with you the “European Digital Skills Awards 2023: Celebrating the best projects, stories, and initiatives to promote digital skills in Europe” where we can consider submitting the ACTIon project if you think we have enough results/best practices by the deadline of April 2023:

The European Digital Skills Awards aim to recognise and promote ongoing or recently finished projects and initiatives that train Europeans in digital skills at all levels, as well as to showcase good practices and help everyone learn from one another.

Applications are welcome from all types of organizations, public, private, academic, research and/or training centres, schools, SMEs or Large Corporates, EU funded projects consortia, public administrations, NGOs and citizen initiatives who are running or have completed a project or initiative to support the adoption of digital skills in one of the 5 categories of the awards.

·         Empowering Youth in Digital
·         Digital Upskilling @ Work
·         Digital Skills for Education
·         Inclusion in the Digital World
·         Women in ICT careers.

The project or initiative must be either completed (at the latest in 2022), or must be currently running and have already accomplished 50% of its identified milestones. What does this mean in practice? It means that your project or initiative can apply if you are already reaching some of the goals you have set. Projects that are in launch phase, or that have not yet produced a measurable impact, cannot participate.
The project or initiative needs to have been implemented in one or more countries of the European Union.
We can discuss during tomorrow’s meeting.

Selin Tagmat
Senior Project Communications Officer

Rue du Commerce 123
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Office: +32 2 893 0201
selin.tagmat at all-digital.org<mailto:peter.palvolgyi at all-digital.org>


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