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Gabriela Ruseva gabriela.ruseva at all-digital.org
Fri May 13 14:38:36 UTC 2022

Dear Kostas, dear all,

Thanks a lot for your email. I’ve noted my availability with regard to the additional dates.

Regarding the concept, it sounds really great. here are my initial comments:

- " introduction of the participants and a very brief introduction on the projects they are representing” - if I understand correctly, you are envisaging this as a “tour de table” where everyone takes turns to present themselves. This  is really great, I like that approach, but it very much depends on the number of participants. If we have 10-15 participants, it can work very well. If we have 30+, not so much, so we would need a Plan B. I would suggest two things in this regard: 
1. When promoting the event, we should make very clear the following aspects:
- Registration is mandatory and participants should inform us in advance if they cannot attend.
- This is an interactive discussion so when registering participants are committing to active participation during the event.
- Participation with camera would be preferred, if technically possible. 
2. Secondly, in case we see that there are 30+ registrations, we prepare some questions in mentimeter or another tool and we do the introduction through the mentimeter instead of going around asking everyone to present themselves and their project. Questions might be about topic of the project (digital skills, human rights, media literacy, sports, migrant integration, etc.) these topics we need to define carefully by looking at the projects in advance, but as we agreed, you have to do this anyway in order to pre-select the topics for the breakout sessions. Another option would be to add this in the registration form, asking participants to define the topic of their project, then we would need to review all registrations and cluster the topics into 5-6. Other questions could be purely demographic such as countries, number of partners, type of partners (universities, schools, NGOs, etc.) and so on. 

- "break-out room, the participants will be able to present their project and discuss possible synergies” - I suggest to add to the registration form a field where participants indicate if they want to make a presentation of their project. Ideally, there should be 2 presentations in each group, and then, of course, if someone else from the participants wants to share their project, they are free to do this, but we should have 2 projects that we have agreed in advance and they will present their projects in a more formal way (e.g. will prepare a PPT).

- I would suggest to develop a more detailed breakdown of the 2 hours. 

- I believe that if we really want to get something useful out of this event, we should plan it very carefully, promote it in a very clear and detailed way, and be proactive in getting input from the participants before the event. 

Hope this is helpful, I am happy to support any of these aspects, so don’t hesitate to let me know what support you need.


> On 12 May 2022, at 15:53, Kostas Diamantis Balaskas <euprograms at action.gr> wrote:
> Dear partners,
> In relation with the scheduling of the Networking Event with coordinators of other Erasmus+ project in the framework of WP5, please complete the doodle I have sent you a while ago https://doodle.com/meeting/participate/id/b68vEKne <https://doodle.com/meeting/participate/id/b68vEKne> I have received the answers only from Gabriela and Katja. As we have agreed, I have added further dates until the end of June.
> The concept of this event is the following:
> It will be a 2-hours online event which is going to start with the introduction of the participants and a very brief introduction on the projects they are representing. This is going to be followed from the presentation of the ACTion project and its results which is going to take place in the plenary. Then, the participants are going to be divided in thematic groups through the break-out rooms function. In each break-out room, the participants will be able to present their project and discuss possible synergies with the coordinators of the other projects that will be present in the same workshop. At the end, in plenary, there are going to be presented the different cooperation opportunities that were discussed between the different coordinators during the workshop.
> Please let me know what is your opinion on this and please answer to the doodle, so that we can fix a date and start inviting the other project coordinators that we would like to invite.
> Kind Regards,
> Kostas
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