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Mon May 2 19:39:15 UTC 2022

Dear all,


In preparation of the meeting tomorrow, I would like to inform you that I have completed the changes we have discussed about the website and also updated the Greek version of the website. The part, “our training programs” is translated in Greek but not in the other languages, so please translate it also to your languages. Also, for some small words, especially in the front page, I have used some automatic translation in some cases, so, if you can, please let me know if it is correct.


Related with the meeting with the Erasmus+ coordinators for WP5, I propose here some possible dates https://doodle.com/meeting/participate/id/b68vEKne The times are indicative. If we agree on a date, then we can discuss about the time.


Kind Regards,




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Dear all,

our next coordination meeting will be next Tuesday (3rd May 11:00AMCET).

Zoom link: 


Meeting-ID: 928 9243 1506

Code: 225322

@all WP leads: please update your work package in the agenda until next Monday: https://cloud.nexusinstitut.de/apps/files/?dir=/ACTIon/Coordination%20Zoom%20Meetings/13th%20Zoom%203rd%20May%202022 <https://cloud.nexusinstitut.de/apps/files/?dir=/ACTIon/Coordination%20Zoom%20Meetings/13th%20Zoom%203rd%20May%202022&openfile=314880> &openfile=314880

Sunny greetings from Berlin,


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