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Hi all


Thank you for the translations in Greek, Macedonian, and (shortly) Bulgarian of the practitioner surveys – I’m assuming translation of the German version is imminent (I think I gave feedback on your query re names Katja?). If you have practitioners already or about to be involved, please do get them to complete. It doesn’t matter which language version a practitioner completes, wherever they are in the partnership, so a Bulgarian speaker in Germany, for example, can complete the Bulgarian language questionnaire. The same goes for a practitioner who finds it easier to complete in English, they should feel free to use that version:

ACTIon- Έρευνα πριν την εκπαίδευση <https://forms.gle/oaaSZw9PQfCJBXvL7> 

ACTIon  <https://forms.gle/SGRvdmzhi1J7F1Ed9> предевалуациски прашалник за практичари

ACTIon practitioners pre-survey (Bulgarian) <https://forms.gle/f8GeXBjgBAhXodCA6>  – to be translated - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rge-YOJXDGydBVV_G4wZOPrTqMko6j_ibHZlpMN-ShA/edit

ACTIon practitioners pre-survey (German) <https://forms.gle/embYyPmWQxWNk74d9>  – to be translated - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10lQRhfuj6hOOYJzq8NZEzXlfLobyeomzgf4aJVysLh4/edit

 <https://forms.gle/Mq1zPJNmVwjyd2GH7> ACTIon practitioners pre-survey – English language version


You will find my draft for the young people pre-survey here for you to comment on - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xiBAzM2Bjn7XbDzWoVhWY2JT231W2RWKZY34LLNxIp8/edit. Please note:


*	The survey needs to be introduced by the practitioner, so YP are clear about how to complete the identifier – it doesn’t matter how they interpret what this should be (eg include middle initial, put second street they lived on etc), as long as it is the same identifier for pre- and post-survey (and YP log if they complete this)
*	Country of birth gives me some indication of ethnicity mix for inclusion theme, but otherwise I am reliant on you to report in what ways the YP you reach are disadvantaged/excluded – so please do keep a record of this for each setting that pilots DigiPAC or MOLA
*	‘Why are you participating in DigiPAC? What do you hope to get out of it?’ – this question is formulated as much as a prompt for the practitioner to explain to YP what the intervention is about and why they have been selected – without this explanation, I would expect a lot of ‘don’t know’s. It will also be interesting for all involved how YP understand why they are taking part, so feedback can be given to YP accordingly
*	To the ratings multiple choice I have added ‘Getting involved in activities with others’ – does this reflect what you wanted added Katja? The other item you suggested ‘standing up for what I believe in’ I think is covered by ‘taking action when I see something is wrong?’ – but am happy to add an item if this doesn’t cover it
*	Savka, do the items on this grid also work for MOLA? I’m hoping the answer is yes, but happy to adjust where necessary.


Please can I have feedback by close of play Friday, and then I will finalise for translation.


I will also create a form for the practitioner log that Savka has created and share that for translation. I will also create a YP log – it would be good if you can trial that with some YP at least and we can take a decision on whether and how to use it from the autumn. E-mails on this to follow.


BW and thank you in advance



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