[ACTIon-Maillist] Handbook translation

Amy Winkler winkler at nexusinstitut.de
Fri Mar 11 10:22:58 UTC 2022

Dear all,

While translating the handbook from English to German, I made some 
changes to exercises (particularly to the follow-up version of OPIN), 
which I directly included in the German handbook. However, after 
comparing both the EN and GER version yesterday, I found that I had 
neglected to change some adaptions in module C in the EN version. The 
changes mainly concern the follow-up session of OPIN! If some of you 
have already translated module C, it would be good to go back and 
compare your translated version to the updated/corrected EN version 
(DigiPAC Handbook) which I have uploaded to the cloud:


The follow-up session of OPIN is now 1 hour 30 minutes long - this 
should be changed in the tables with overviews of the activities as well.

@Kostas - could you please change out the document on the website? That 
would be wonderful; I have also attached it to this mail.

My apologies to all for the mistake; I hope you are not inconvenienced 
by it too much!



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