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Hi Gabriela


Thank you for your comments below, which help address any ambiguity in the question. The wording I’ve chosen focuses on achieved outcome rather than simply intention, and I’d like to keep that, so maybe: How confident are you to deliver training which ensures young people are better able to: removes the ambiguity of ‘which means that’?


Thanks again




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Hi Colin,


Thanks for sharing the survey. I know we are not going to implement the survey as ALL DIGITAL, but I had a quick look at it just for info, and I send you some comments


Re. The question "How confident are you to deliver training to young people which means they are better able to:”, it seems a bit unclear and complex for me. I would suggest to change it to "How confident are you to deliver training to young people on the following topics” or "How confident are you to deliver training to young people with the aim to help them to”.


Otherwise, the survey is short and clear. Please feel free to take my comment into account or not :)


Wishing everyone a nice weekend!



On 2 Mar 2022, at 22:05, cisham at ishamedu.com <mailto:cisham at ishamedu.com>  wrote:


Hi all


Please find draft practitioner pre-survey here – I have kept it simple, so it should be quick to complete, but it would be helpful if you can encourage practitioners to provide as much detail as possible on their confidence to develop the competences. In the end I have dropped the question on healthy lifestyles to keep it simple, and also, five items are enough to assess progress on.


 <https://forms.gle/J1F6jDHUvzjHuLMP6> https://forms.gle/J1F6jDHUvzjHuLMP6


If you have any comments, please feel free to send them.


Many thanks



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