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Thu Jun 30 11:26:11 UTC 2022

Hi all


I hope this finds you well and nearly ready for the summer. This is an
exciting time for the project, and I'm excited to have practitioner and
young people data from Bulgaria, where colleagues have trialled all
instruments - thank you very much for this. I can also access documentation
from the piloting phase in Germany on the drive. 

I appreciate not all docs and evaluation activity will be ready, but please
can I ask you to upload what you have in your country folder in the WP5
Innovation > Evidence folder:
2C%20Synergies%20%26%20Evaluation/Evidence&fileid=152887> &fileid=152887.
Just put them in there, and I'll sort and work out what they are. If they
are in your language, this is no problem if they are printed on an
electronic doc. 


If there are young people outputs available on the F.I.R.E or OPIN apps or
elsewhere, please can you send me the links to these too. 


If you can arrange for anyone delivering ACTIon sessions to complete the
practitioner survey and/or log, please do encourage them to do so:



4. ACTIon practitioner log

7. ACTIon practitioner post-survey


 <https://forms.gle/8EKhejxtRywJvhBZ6> https://forms.gle/8EKhejxtRywJvhBZ6

 <https://forms.gle/mrKqWhbu6jiHpPQU8> https://forms.gle/mrKqWhbu6jiHpPQU8


 <https://forms.gle/axWQAHJAkrLuEZts5> https://forms.gle/axWQAHJAkrLuEZts5

 <https://forms.gle/J1XTvwDU2uKewd7J9> https://forms.gle/J1XTvwDU2uKewd7J9


 <https://forms.gle/LnsxwgTpsuMXj8wg7> https://forms.gle/LnsxwgTpsuMXj8wg7

 <https://forms.gle/xBwrHwct1EzdkWbv5> https://forms.gle/xBwrHwct1EzdkWbv5


 <https://forms.gle/P7VAAFAjRi2kA5ES9> https://forms.gle/P7VAAFAjRi2kA5ES9

 <https://forms.gle/AhW8HJZbZmGimGWr8> https://forms.gle/AhW8HJZbZmGimGWr8


 <https://forms.gle/uieHYS9Vk13HYK1eA> https://forms.gle/uieHYS9Vk13HYK1eA

 <https://forms.gle/cHoYdHBijtkj1V1r6> https://forms.gle/cHoYdHBijtkj1V1r6


German colleagues are arranging their own forms I think. For Greece and N
Macedonia the documents to translate are here:


Greek practitioner log:

Greek practitioner post-survey:

Macedonian practitioner log:

Macedonian practitioner post-survey:


Many thanks, and I look forward to seeing you Tuesday



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