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 “A few people of integrity can go a long way.” Happy holidays, everyone!Goal of the project:To promote active citizenship through civic education and active online participation of youth role models from socially disadvantaged groupsACTIon Zoom-MeetingOn November 2, an online meeting was held with the partners from ACTIon project. The main aim of the meeting was to speak about theUpdates from Work packages and the contributions from all partners.#Erasmus+ #ACTIonEUProject#activecitizenship #civiceducationGoal of the project:Improved implementation of Acceder programme towards greater employment opportunities of Roma people through strategic partnerships with local private sector based on positive practices and local cooperationACCEDER online meetingOn November 10,the ACCEDER team of Coalition SEGA held an online meeting with the mentor Raul from Spain to speak about the planed activities of the program according to the Acceder methodology, within the projectEnhancing employability skills of vulnerable groups in Prilep.On November 17, we had an online follow up meeting where we have briefly reviewed the activities of the weekat every position and service of the Acceder.#ACCEDER #employment #UNDPGoal of the project:To increase the quality of youth work in preventing NEET in EuropeBlended Mobility of Young People “Let’s Play Together”7 young people from Macedonia participated in the career guidance program which provides preparation and follow-up activities that participants must implement after completing the mobility.The international program "Let's play together" which includes mobility of young people was held from 21 to 27 November 2021 in Svieta Katarzyna and Kielce, Poland, as part of the project My Career Our Game.The project MCOG aims to introduce innovative early career guidance methodology as a sustainable tool for the prevention of young people becoming NEET, providing an innovative face-to-face approach. The proposed model is based on the experiences of the three project partners and existing positive practices in various countries in Europe. The innovation is confirmed through experiences of early career guidance in both non-formal and formal education.The project “My career our game” (2020-1-PL01-KA205-081121) is implemented by the Association Education by the Internet EPI from Poland together with Coalition of youth organizations SEGA and University of Aveiro from Portugal.#Erasmus+ #MCOG #KA2Goal of the project:To strengthen and enrich the European-wide infrastructure for digital youth participation by delivering self-learning modulesDIGY online meetingOn November 22, online meeting between the partners was held in order to discuss the following activities after the Transnational meeting & training.10thOPINCommunityOnline MeetingOn December 7, at the 10th Opin Community meeting Coalition SEGAshared thesteps we went through to involve young people in the decision-making processes and to raise their voice about their needs. Ourpilot project was closely connected to encourage young voters to participate on the creation of the programs on political parties for the local elections in Prilep, Macedonia. In order to promote democratic values among youth and also to let established parties know what young voters’ needs are, SEGA conducted an eParticipation project to meet this challenge. The eParticipation project motivated them to share their ideas, which were collected in a comprehensive document with recommendations. This was handed to the decision-makers on the local level and to the political parties. It helped them to create programs for the upcoming local elections in 2021 according to the needs of the youth.#opin #eParticipation #coalitonsega #youthparticipation #youthactivism #DIGYGoal of the project:To improve the quality of youth policy implementation based on structural cooperation and substantial participation of networked civil societyTraining | Organizational Development and ProceduresCoalition of youth organizations SEGA held a Training on Organizational Development and Functional Organizational Procedures, which was attended by representatives of civil society organizations.This training is the first in a series of activities for capacity building of CSOs, within the project "Youth participation for strong and sustainable community development" supported by the European Union.The training was held in the period 25 - 26 November (Thursday - Friday) 2021, online on the ZOOM platform.Training | Monitoring and EvaluationWhy is monitoring and evaluation important in the implementation of projects and programs?What are the key elements in data collection?When and how is data collected during project implementation?From the period 14 - 15 Decemberrepresentatives of civil society organizations strengthened their knowledge on these topics and issues through participation in the Training on Monitoring, Evaluation and Data Processing, which is implemented within the project "Youth Participation for Strong and Sustainable Community Development", supported from the European Union.Promotional event for the presentation of research on youth trendsOn December 21, 2021, through an online event, a promotional event was held at which the Initial Study on Youth Trends was presented within the project "Youth Participation for Strong and Sustainable Community Development", funded by the European Union.The event was attended by young people, representatives of civil society organizations and international organizations, youth officials and representatives of local youth councils.You can watch the event at the followinglink.The project "Youth Participation for Strong and Sustainable Community Development" is funded by the European Union and implemented by Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA as the main implementer together with the partners SOS Children's Village NorthMacedonia, Volunteers Centre Skopje and Association Women's Forum Tetovo. The project aims to improve the quality of youth policy implementation based on structural cooperation and substantial participation of networked civil society, thus contributing to an independent and sustainable civil society supported by a supportive environment that encourages participatory and gender-sensitive youth policy-making processes. . The implementation period is January 2021 - April 2024.#EUwithYou#volonterskicentarskopje #coalitionsega #SOSDetskoSelo #forumigruasNational Conference "Right to Youth Allowance - Find Out About Your Labor Rights"The conference "Right to Youth Allowance - Be informed about your labor rights" is a final event as part of the national campaign "Right to Youth Allowance" which took place on December 1, 2021 at the Civic Resource Center - MKC, Skopje and aims to promote the Law on Youth Allowance and present the findings of the Survey on the usefulness and impact of the law and provide key recommendations for its improvement.The National Campaign "Right to Youth Allowance" is implemented in the period from August to December 2021. Its supporters are: Confederation of Free Trade Unions (KSS), Business Confederation (BC), Info Compas Prilep. Partners in the implementation of the campaign are: Bintern, Network for European Citizenship and Identity North Macedonia - NECI NMK, Youth Council Prilep, Women's Organization - WO - Sveti Nikole, LAG Agro Leader and Volunteers Centre Skopje. The campaign aims to inform young people and employers about the benefits of the Law on Youth Allowance.The event was attended by representatives of institutions such as the Employment Agency, Business Confederation, Confederation of Free Trade Unions, Agency for Youth and Sports, representatives of civil society organizations and young people aged 15-29.#coalitionsega #законзамладинскидодаток #правонамладинскидодаток #Youth #Млади #bkm #KCC #infokompas #msp #bintern #necinmk #ozo #lagagrolider #vcsGoal of the project:To develop awareness about the European identity by providing the necessary tools to oppose a growing EuroscepticismACHIEVE international event in KosovoFrom the period od 5 to 7 December an international hybrid event was held in Kosovo uder the topicAwareness of Common History for Identifying and Extending the Values of Europe. The goal of the event was to share and discuss the activities that each partner has implemented in the Local chapter 2 and to speak about the following activities.#achieve #euroscepticismGoal of the project:To contribute to improve the employability and active participation in the labor market of vulnerable youth in PrilepRound Table | Improving the Cooperation Between the Youth and the Local Institutions in Order to Strengthen the Employability"Improving the cooperation between the youth and the local institutions in order to strengthen the employability" was the topic on which in the hotel "Crystal Palace" on December 16 the young people and the representatives of the institutions whose competencies touch with the youth policies discussed.In his introduction and presentation of the project, the Executive Director of Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA, Zoran Ilieski said that the project implemented in the Western Balkans is called "Youth Empowerment Enabling Prospects", funded by the German Government, and in Macedonia is implemented in three municipalities in Prilep, Tetovo and Bitola including the coordination in Skopje.He alsoadded that we are in communication and coordination with local businesses in the city and that the challenge that young people face after completing the educational process is entering the labor market and colliding with the reality of not having work experience.The Mayor Borche Jovceski, thanked for the invitation to attend the round table, and said that this is the beginning of a joint and successful cooperation in which together with local institutions will contribute to the integration of young people in the labor market.The President of the Council of the Municipality of Prilep, Dejan Prodanoski, emphasized that through the establishment of the Youth Council of Prilep in the future will improve the cooperation with young people.The round table will contribute to raising awareness and networking among key stakeholders for adequate support and integration of young people in the labor market.The event was organized by Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA, in cooperation with SOS Children's Village, within the project "Strengthening Youth through New Opportunities" (YEEP) who supported a youth initiative aimed at improving the employability of young people at the local level.#coalitionsega #soschildrensvillage #youth #youthinvolvement#youthemployment#youthintegrationCoalition of youth organizations SEGA18, Car Samoil7500 Prilep, Macedonia 
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