[ACTIon-Maillist] SEGA | Best practice template - draft

selin.tagmat at all-digital.org selin.tagmat at all-digital.org
Wed Dec 14 10:57:19 UTC 2022

Dear Marice,
I’m looking forward to seeing the compilation of best practices from the project, as this will also be very interesting for communication and dissemination purposes.

I just made two small typo corrections on your shared document on nexus cloud. I also added a row at the end about testimonials for you to assess if it looks relevant and feasible: If partners can collect such short feedback from those who benefited from the trainings, it will be interesting to use them on the website, future newsletters and reports to highlight the added value of the ACTIon project and inspire others to benefit from the training programmes.

I saw an example of this in the latest project update published on the website:
According to one young person from North Macedonia: “I realised I’m quite good at searching online media and can assess and understand people on social networks and in person.” https://www.erasmus-action.eu/outcomes-from-the-piloting-phase-of-action/

Kind regards,


Selin Tagmat
Senior Project Communications Officer

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1000 Brussels, Belgium
Office: +32 2 893 0201
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Subject: [ACTIon-Maillist] SEGA | Best practice template - draft
Dear partners,

Attached is the very first draft template for the Best practice section.

I keep it simple with three sections. First are general information for the project, the aspects, what do you want to present and what media will be used.

Please, see the document and give me your feedback for its improvement. Maybe the partners have already ideas or other aspects about what needs to be presented as best practices so you can add your experience or ideas.

I also added the document on nexus cloud in WP3 | folder Best practices so you can comment.  https://cloud.nexusinstitut.de/apps/files/?dir=/ACTIon/WP%203%20Capacity%20Building%20%26%20Piloting/Best%20practices&fileid=1590236

Stay in contact,

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