[ACTIon-Maillist] SEGA | Best practice template - draft

Marice Treneska marice at sega.org.mk
Tue Dec 13 15:21:27 UTC 2022

Dear partners,

Attached is the very first draft template for the Best practice section.

I keep it simple with three sections. First are general information for the project, the aspects, what do you want to present and what media will be used.

Please, see the document and give me your feedback for its improvement. Maybe the partners have already ideas or other aspects about what needs to be presented as best practices so you can add your experience or ideas.

I also added the document on nexus cloud in WP3 | folder Best practices so you can comment.  https://cloud.nexusinstitut.de/apps/files/?dir=/ACTIon/WP%203%20Capacity%20Building%20%26%20Piloting/Best%20practices&fileid=1590236

Stay in contact,

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