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selin.tagmat at all-digital.org selin.tagmat at all-digital.org
Fri Dec 2 08:27:56 UTC 2022

Dear partners,

As I met already with some of you, I’m the new project communications officer from ALL DIGITAL and will be in touch with you for several communication and dissemination tasks for the rest of the ACTIon project.

I would like to share with you some information about the upcoming newsletter, reporting and blogposts where we need your contributions:

I’m happy to share with you a draft newsletter in this link<https://us2.campaign-archive.com/?e=__test_email__&u=57236c59cc1dc62aedb167391&id=2aa63565c4> where we are sharing the project’s training programmes and the piloting phase in the partners’ countries:

  *   I compiled the text from the existing news on the website. I kindly ask you to review the texts in the newsletter, if they are still up to date. If you would like to make any changes, please copy paste your text on a word document, make your changes and send me at selin.tagmat at all-digital.org<mailto:selin.tagmat at all-digital.org> by the deadline: 9 December. We aim to disseminate the newsletter by 14 December Wednesday.
  *   I still need a photo from the piloting activities in Greece, thanks.

I would like to remind each partner to update your communication and dissemination reports by adding your activities for M19-M24 with the following steps:

  *   Please download your previous report from this folder on nexus cloud<https://cloud.nexusinstitut.de/s/qT8rEifdHeryQYp?path=%2FWP%204%20Dissemination%2FDissemination%20Reports>
  *   Rename the file with M1-M24: Example: “7_ACTIon*Dissemination_Report*HESED_M1-M24”
  *   Add new results since the last reporting period. Please don’t forget to insert the number of viewers for online publications (e.g., use google analytics) and dates of activities. In the end you should have one file covering all your activities from the beginning of the project until now.
  *   When the file is ready, upload it back to the same folder and delete the previous file. Please always keep one file, the latest one, containing all dissemination activities since the beginning.
  *   Thanks for updating your reports by the deadline: 31 January 2023, in parallel to the next project progress report.

Thank you for your valuable contributions so far! Please kindly take note of the following upcoming calendar for the blogposts and thanks for sending me at selin.tagmat at all-digital.org<mailto:selin.tagmat at all-digital.org> 1 word file with the text + at least one visual in a separate jpg or png file:

     *   Action Synergy by 28 November (pending for 2 Dec)
     *   SEGA by 5st December 2022
     *   OSF by 8th December 2022
     *   nexus by 15th December 2022
     *   22nd December 2022 – No blogpost
     *   29th December – No blogpost
     *   HESED by 5th January 2023
     *   AD by 12 January 2023
     *   Action Synergy by 19 January 2023
     *   SEGA by 26 January 2023
     *   OSF by 2 February 2023
     *   HESED by 9 February 2023
     *   nexus by 16 February 2023
     *   AD BY 23 February 2023

Thank you very much and don’t hesitate to write me directly if you have any questions!

Looking forward to meeting you in person on a future occasion and talk to you during the coordination meeting next week.

Kind regards,


Selin Tagmat
Senior Project Communications Officer

Rue du Commerce 123
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Office: +32 2 893 0201
selin.tagmat at all-digital.org<mailto:peter.palvolgyi at all-digital.org>


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